Call on Advanced Computing Projects (2nd edition)

Ref.: FCT/CPCA/2021/01

>>> As stated by the Call Notice available on the FCT Call webpage


The form available on this page is intended for applications to use HPC (High Performance Computing) and/or Scientific Cloud Computing on ​​RNCA platforms, only for short accesses up to 6 months in duration. Two types of access are provided in this form:

  • A0 (Experimental Access) for users without HPC experience. Max: 15.000 CPU core.hours
  • A1 (Preparatory Access) for testing, benchmarking, software re-factoring, others. Max: 100.000 CPU core.hours

For projects with more resources and lasting up to 12 months, ie A2 – access to the project, please visit FCT page. Applications for that type of access are submitted via myFCT platform.

Reserved Quota 5% for A0 and 25% for A1 in each platform, or until resources are fully booked.

Computational resources check the Technical Data Sheet (soon) available here

Computational models: High Performance Computing with the possibility of using GPU and scientific Cloud resources.

Limit of A0 and A1 submissions by IR and Co-IR: 1

Administrative validation: Whenever necessary, in response to filling out this form, you may receive a contact from the FCCN FCT unit, RNCA manager, with a view to validating elements and collecting additional information.

Technical evaluation: Performed by elements of each of RNCA’s operational centers. Each application will be evaluated by the operational center that manages the selected / preferred platform.

Ordered list of approved applications: applications with positive technical evaluation (> 5) will be ordered according to their grade. In case of tie, they will be ranked from the oldest application to the most recent.

Contact with Operational Centers: In case of approval, the beneficiary will be notified and the project can start as soon as the platform and the beneficiary become available.

With the simplification of the process for these smaller accesses, all applications received will be collected every 2 months, each going through the following phases:

  1. Administrative validation;
  2. For A0 Access) Brief technical validation by FCT; for A1 Access) technical evaluation by staff from operational centres;
  3. ranking and approval by FCT;
  4. notification of the IR via email;
  5. If successful, IR signs the Acceptance Terms and contacts the operational centre to use allocated resources.

All the above information does not exempt from consulting more detailed information, namely call regulations, call notice, application guide (soon available) and FAQs (soon available).

Additional information or clarification can be obtained through

Note: The form must be completed in English language.