Advanced Computing Projects

Call FCT/CPCA/2021/01

Project ReferenceTitlePlatform
CPCA/A0/395088/2021Benchmarking Convolutional Neural Networks for Neural Architecture Search OptimizationBob | MACC
CPCA/A0/395208/2021Ion beam spectra analysis using HPCCirrus | INCD
CPCA/A0/396969/2021Portuguese Transformers Bob | MACC
CPCA/A0/401985/2021Optimization of flow electrode channel geometry to boost recovery of lithium from brines by flow capacitive deionizationNavigator | LCA-UC
Table 1: List of Approved Projects on 2nd Call (2021/22)

Call FCT/CPCA/2020/01

Project Reference Title
CPCA/A2/2524/2020New Graphene Materials for Electronics
CPCA/A2/2568/2020Flow Dynamics in Storage Tanks
CPCA/A1/2611/2020Scalability of pseudo-spectral code for turbulence simulation with particle tracking using a 1d-pencil decomposition
CPCA/A2/2613/2020CO2 Capture and Storage using Naturally Occurring H2O Ices
CPCA/A2/2640/2020Transcriptomics-based prediction of human phenotypes using scalable and secure machine learning approaches
CPCA/A1/2790/2020The global biogeography of invasive species: Emerging patterns, processes and short- to mid-term forecasts – GLOBINV
CPCA/A1/3154/2020Exploring Matter in Extreme Conditions using Density Functional Theory 
CPCA/A2/3840/2020Black holes and bosonic fields
CPCA/A2/4075/2020Getting ready for the unexpected: searching for new physics phenomena at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
CPCA/A2/4377/2020Dispersion of asphaltenes in model mixtures by ionic liquids – a theoretical approach
CPCA/A2/4403/2020SATRAP: Rational design of Self-Assembling networks for TRansparent electrode Applications – Bob
CPCA/A1/4416/2020SATRAP: Rational design of Self-Assembling networks for TRansparent electrode Applications – Navigator
CPCA/A1/4443/2020Search Design
CPCA/A2/4513/2020Nanoscale material design for advanced cutting tools
CPCA/A2/4568/2020Enzymatic Synthesis of Biopolymeric Conjugates for Advanced and Targeted Therapies
CPCA/A2/4595/2020Role of metal ions in DNA recognition by proteins
CPCA/A2/4628/2020Optimal surface texturing patterns  for greener and more energy efficient sliding contacts
CPCA/A1/4630/2020Scalability of  code for spatial simulations of turbulent flows a 2d-pencil decomposition
CPCA/A1/4781/2020Protein S structure and dynamics – insight into SARS-CoV-2 entry
CPCA/A2/5043/2020Ab initio computational design of a plasmonic spintronic material
CPCA/A1/5214/2020Deep Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Machinery using Audio/Vibration
CPCA/A1/5613/2020Genetic Programming for Interpretability
CPCA/A2/5804/2020Net4CO2 – 3D Simulations of NetMIX for Carbon Capture, Chemical Reaction,  and Combustion 
CPCA/A1/5903/2020MOOB- Multi-Objective Optimization of Buildings
CPCA/A2/6009/2020CAMELOT – Cloud
CPCA/A2/6046/2020High Performance Computing of Wind Flows over Forested Mountains
CPCA/A2/6052/2020Deep learning for particle-laden viscoelastic flow modelling
CPCA/A1/6056/2020Injection Molding Simulator by Finite Pointset Method
CPCA/A1/6058/2020Modelling the Injection Molding of Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Materials
CPCA/A2/6193/2020Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics of  Island Wakes
CPCA/A2/6202/2020Exploitation of Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamics in HPC Systems
CPCA/A2/6231/2020GreenShoes – Virtual prototyping, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing in the footwear industry
CPCA/A1/6525/2020Electron-Phonon interaction in epitaxial Ge-Si-C superlattices
CPCA/A1/6717/2020Artificial Neural Networks for the Research and Development of Steel Structures Design
CPCA/A1/6759/2020LAW – NLP
CPCA/A2/6816/2020Multi-gluon vertices in Lattice QCD
CPCA/A2/6817/2020Epitaxial growth of multimetallic MXenes via nitrogen dissociation
CPCA/A2/6972/2020Expanding the druggable target space
CPCA/A2/6986/2020CIBME – Compressão de imagens biomédicas de modalidades emergentes (Compression of images from emergent biomedical modalities)
CPCA/A1/7015/2020Assessment of Footwear Thermal Comfort
CPCA/A1/7017/2020Computational Rheology with Complex Materials
CPCA/A1/7070/2020Berry connections from DFT calculations
CPCA/A2/7081/2020Molecular dynamics of crystallization of honey-like systems 
CPCA/A2/7083/2020Microsolvation of ions in atomic and molecular solvents
CPCA/A2/7085/2020Dynamical lattice QCD simulations at finite temperature
CPCA/A2/7087/2020Natural Layered Perovskite Oxide Engineering for Green Technologies
CPCA/A2/7181/2020In Silico Optimization of Brain Imaging Probes with Enhanced Permeation
CPCA/A2/7192/2020High Velocity Water Jets: Combined Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Experimental Approaches to Characterize the Scouring Process
CPCA/A1/7203/2020Numerical simulation of ammonia combustion in a swirl and bluff-body stabilised burner with complex chemistry
CPCA/A2/7217/2020Pathogenomics of coffee leaf rust to probe virulence mechanisms and diagnostic markers
CPCA/A2/7219/2020Dissecting dopamine receptor 2 functional mechanism
CPCA/A2/7242/2020SINERGEA@RNCA – scenarios database for decision support of the integrated and optimized management of energy, bathing water quality and inundation in coastal cities
CPCA/A1/7252/2020Scalability of a novel Monte-Carlo method in the study of Ising lattices
CPCA/A2/7255/2020CoastNet Research Infraestruture
CPCA/A2/7257/2020Novel radiation sources from laser-plasma interactions
CPCA/A2/7261/2020Two-Temperature Model – Molecular Dynamcis Simulations of Quantum Wells under Strongly Ionising Irradiation
CPCA/A2/7263/2020Lattice thermal conductivity of biased bilayer graphene systems
CPCA/A2/7269/2020High-performance computational design of biocompatible cell scaffolds for tissue engineering
CPCA/A0/7276/2020Direct numerical simulations of turbulent planar wakes 
CPCA/A0/7277/2020Modelling radiation-induced defect engineering in silicon carbide: from quantum computing to radiation detection
CPCA/A0/7287/2020Does Yang-Mills have an ultraviolet fixed point in 5D?
CPCA/A0/7288/2020Nonlinear optical responses in two-dimensional materials
CPCA/A0/7289/2020Optical Response in Topological Materials
CPCA/A0/7290/2020High-Fidelity Simulations for Ocean Sustainable Solutions (HOSTESS)
CPCA/A0/7291/2020Hadron structure from nonperturbative QCD
CPCA/A0/7292/2020Optical response in disordered materials
CPCA/A0/7296/2020Direct numerical simulations of large-scale magnetic fields
CPCA/A0/7297/2020Mechanisms of reproductive allochrony in endemic Portuguese seabirds: implications for population divergence and response to climate change
CPCA/A0/7299/2020Running Parallel Tasks Made Easier
CPCA/A0/7302/2020Structural and functional role of CACNG2 gene mutations in psychiatric diseases
CPCA/A0/7303/2020Population genomics of hybridization and adaptation
CPCA/A0/7304/2020Fighting multidrugresistance in cancer by targeting P-glycoprotein
CPCA/A0/7305/2020Design of protein chimeras targeting SARS-CoV-2
CPCA/A0/7308/2020Real-space simulation of excitonic properties
CPCA/A0/7309/2020Hybrid Improper Ferroelectricity in AA’Fe2O6 Double Perovskite
CPCA/A0/7311/2020Genomics of thermal adaptation: transcriptomic changes during climate warming
CPCA/A1/7313/2020Meta-species analyses of patterns of molecular variation in marine fauna
CPCA/A0/7316/2020Targeting Neuroinflammation: from target validation to the rational design of selective modulators
CPCA/A0/7318/2020Computation of Functions over Matrices using Monte Carlo
CPCA/A0/7322/2020Reducing the execution time of a solver in derivative-free optimization
CPCA/A0/7323/2020Computational Fluid Dynamics of Hypersonic, Reactive, and Plasma Flows 
CPCA/A0/7324/2020FunMix – Fundamentals of  Mixing Mechanics  in Chemical Reactors
CPCA/A0/7326/2020Direct numerical simulations of viscoelastic turbulent wakes
CPCA/A0/7329/2020Coarse grain modeling of membrane function in health and disease
CPCA/A0/7346/2020Multiobjective optimization in structural-acoustic coupled problems
CPCA/A0/7347/2020Peridynamics for multifunctional composite structures
CPCA/A0/7348/2020Exotic optical properties of nonequilibrium quantum fluids
CPCA/A0/7350/2020Comprehensive study of the mutational effects in E.coli
CPCA/A0/7356/2020EvoMod: Machine learning modelling of terpene-driven genome evolution in Pseudomonas sp. M1
CPCA/A0/7359/2020Phylogenetic network inference for bioassessment and conservation
CPCA/A0/7361/2020MDUSa – Magnetospheric Dynamics of Ultra-compact Stars
CPCA/A0/7363/2020Generative Adversarial Networks for the material characterisation of biological tissues
CPCA/A0/7400/2020Advanced computing for multi-scale reverse engineering
CPCA/A0/7401/2020COMPUTIO: Flood modeling automation in high slope watersheds using artificial intelligence and big data techniques
CPCA/A0/7402/2020Bio-inspired Optimization Algorithms for Unit Test Generation
CPCA/A0/7403/2020Designing DNA-hydrogels to removing mycotoxins from water environments
CPCA/A0/7407/2020Performance evaluation of parallelization strategies in derivative-free optimization algorithms
CPCA/A0/7408/2020Modeling Variable Identifiers to Improve the Adoption of Automatically Generated Unit Tests
CPCA/A0/7412/2020Adsorption energies of corrosion inhibitors as smart data to search new protective solutions for aeronautical applications
CPCA/A0/7416/2020Genomics of cadmium adaptation
CPCA/A0/7417/2020Measuring and adapting team-level constructs: Challenges and opportunities
CPCA/A0/7420/2020High resolution wind-wave modeling for the North Atlantic
CPCA/A0/7425/2020Fake News and Real People – Using Big Data to Understand Human Behaviour (FARE)
CPCA/A0/7429/2020Deep learning architectures: NLP, reinforcement learning and benchmarking environments
CPCA/A0/7438/2020Genomics for phylogenetics and epidemiology of microbial pathogens
CPCA/A00/4376/2020Structure and dynamics of mono and bilayers subjected to external agents
CPCA/A00/6057/2020An Interface-Tracking Method to Simulate Viscoelastic Free-Surface Flows
CPCA/A00/7094/2020Design and optimization of DNA nanostructures to deliver antimicrobial agents
CPCA/A00/7150/2020Quantifying the stability of constrained alpha helices
CPCA/A00/7167/2020Spin and charge dynamics of novel 2D materials
CPCA/A00/7188/2020Hybrid modelling assessment flood discharge in Tua large dam
CPCA/A00/7246/2020Genetic variability on disease susceptibility: a genome-wide evaluation on gastric cancer and SARS-CoV-2 infected patients
CPCA/A00/7343/2020Incommensurability effects in low-dimensional Quantum Materials
CPCA/A00/7421/2020Effects of disorder in nodal loop semimetals
CPCA/A00/7439/2020Old drugs with a new target
CPCA/A00/6782/2020Plenoptic imaging for skin lesion assessment
CPCA/A00/7140/2020Application of QM/MM Methods in the Development of Biocatalysts
CPCA/A00/7145/2020Application of Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the Study of Biomolecular Interactions for the Identification of New Drug Candidates
CPCA/A00/7312/2020Insights on the CFTR ion gating mechanism provided by computer simulations
CPCA/A00/7319/2020Exploring the efflux and modulation mechanism of Human BCRP through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
CPCA/A00/7355/2020Large Eddy Simulation of supercritical mixing layers relevant to liquid rocket propulsion
CPCA/A00/7358/2020Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flows
CPCA/A00/7387/2020Optimization of Distributed Machine Learning Jobs in Cloud Environments
CPCA/A00/7395/2020Exploring New Physics with Deep Learning in the era of Collider and Gravitational Wave experiments
CPCA/A00/7317/2020Generation of Magnetic Field by Thermal Convection of a Fluid Layer
CPCA/A00/7437/2020Study of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions in Protein Aggregation towards the development of Aggregation Inhibitors
Table 2: List of Approved Projects on 1st call (2020/21)

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