MACC is a national collaborative infrastructure to promote and support Open Science initiatives in supercomputing, data science and visualization. It is a sustainable computing and data infrastructure, aimed at national scientific and industrial communities, articulating with international partners.

MACC is the main member of RNCA – National Network for Advanced Computing – and operates a set of technological resources of the type HPC – High Performance Computing, to be used by the research, technology and innovation / industry communities.

MACC was created in November 2017 through an agreement between FCT, Universidade do Minho and University of Texas in Austin (USA) which manages one of the world’s largest supercomputing centers in the academy sector, TACC – Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Available resources


  • Installed in 2019
  • 800 nodes with Intel Xeon “Sandy Bridge” technology @ 2.7 GHz
  • 1.5 PB of disk storage
  • Infiniband FDR
  • 1 PFlop of maximum processing capacity


  • Instalation in 2021/22
  • Specifications published by EuroHPC
  • One of the 5 Petascale supercomputers co-financed by EuroHPC
  • Fujitsu PRIMEHPC A64FX (ARM partition) and Atos Bull Sequana AMD EPYC (x86 partition)
  • 33 nodes with GPUs NVidia Ampere
  • Storage with 430 TB High-speed NVMe partition and 10.6 PB high-speed based Parallel File System partition
  • 10 PFlop of maximum processing capacity

Signature of EuroHPC JU Grant Agreement

Resources and Documentation