The use of advanced computing resources requires specific skills from their users, so training is an important success factor for the use of advanced computing.

Below are listed the training initiatives external to the RNCA, which deserve a special mention for their recognised quality and also for being aimed at the communities that receive the RNCA’s services.

Training events | EuroCC Project

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Programmes and Internships in Advanced Computing

Learning platforms

Other online courses and opportunities

HiDALGO training events available as free online courses:

HiDALGO is the centre of excellence with the goal of establishing a baseline for HPC, HPDA and AI-oriented computing in the domain of Global Challenges. Many HiDALGO Training events are now available as free online courses. To access Moodle, please create a Keycloak account by clicking on “HiDALGO Keycloak SSO”, link to webpage. Please contact contact for any login-related issues and if you’d like to access a key-protected course.