VisLab: MACC

Installed in Braga, Universidade do Minho

SINCE 2019

This center provides computing, storage and visualization resources and services to users in the research and innovation communities. As industry partners, they work as a team to understand how advanced computing can make companies more productive and competitive. They offer advanced training, practical courses and hackathons on various advanced computer topics in collaboration with the network of academic partners and advanced computer centers.

Technical specifications

  • 4×3 screens LG OLED 55” 4K
  • 8x Intel NUC i7/16GB/120GB SSD
  • 4x Dell Aurora R7 i7/32GB/256 SSD
  • 4x GPU Nvidia RTX 2070
  • Software: SAGE2

Main features

  • Collaborative meetings
  • Scientific visualization
  • Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), DataScience (DS), Machine Learning (ML)
  • Support for Scientific Communication and Dissemination