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  • Bruno Nevado, Guy W. Atchison, Edwin L. Bridges, Steve Orzell, Dmitry Filatov, Colin E. Hughes. Pleistocene diversification of unifoliolate-leaved Lupinus (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) in Florida. 2024. Molecular Ecology, Volume 33, Issue 3. (Projeto: 2022.15825.CPCA.A2@INCD)
  • Rui M.P. Pereira, Marian C. Istrate, Fábio G. Figueiras, Veniero Lenzi, Bruna M. Silva, Majdi Benamara, Konstantin N. Romanyuk, Corneliu Ghica, Bernardo G. Almeida, Luís Marques, Mario Pereira, José P.B. Silva. Phase transitions in ferroelectric ZrO2 thin films. 2024. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. Volume 172. 108102. (Projeto: CPCA/A1/415075/2022@HPC-UE)


  • Igor A. Rodrigues Lopes, Miguel Vieira de Carvalho, João A. Marques da Silva, Rui P. Cardoso Coelho, Francisco M. Andrade Pires. Second-order homogenisation of crystal plasticity and martensitic transformation. 2023. European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids. Volume 102. 105104. (Projeto: CPCA/A1/420917/2021@INCD)
  • Ana Martins, M. G. Scotto, C. H. Weiss, Sónia Gouveia. Space-time integer-valued ARMA modelling for time series of counts. Electronic Journal of Statistics. 2023. 17(2):3472-3511. DOI:10.1214/23-EJS2183 (Projeto: CPCA/A1/449427/2021@HPC-UE)
  • Marco Zecchetto, Tomoaki Watanabe, Koji Nagata, Carlos B. da Silva. Turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces in equilibrium and non-equilibrium regions in the absence of mean shear. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. 2023. Volume 103, 109198. (Projeto: CPCA/A1/455167/2021@MACC)
  • G. F. Martins, C. Nascimento, and N. Galamba. Mechanistic Insights into Polyphenols’ Aggregation Inhibition of α-Synuclein and Related Peptides. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2023, 14, 10, 1905–1920. (Projeto: CPCA/A1/470255/2021@MACC)
  • Pedro R. Figueiredo ,  Ricardo D. González , and  Alexandra T. P. Carvalho. Insights into the Degradation of Polymer–Drug Conjugates by an Overexpressed Enzyme in Cancer Cells. Med. Chem. 2023, 66, 4, 2761–2772 (Projeto: CPCA/A2/4568/2020@INCD)
  • Bendall, E. E., Bagley, R. K., Sousa, V. C., & Linnen, C. R. (2022). Faster-haplodiploid evolution under divergence-with-gene-flow: Simulations and empirical data from pine-feeding hymenopterans. Molecular Ecology, 31, 2348- 2366. (Projeto: 2021.09795.CPCA.A2@INCD)
  • Carvalho, J., Morales, H. E., Faria, R., Butlin, R. K., & Sousa, V. C. (2023). Integrating Pool-seq uncertainties into demographic inference. Molecular Ecology Resources, 00, 1-19. (Projeto: 2021.09795.CPCA.A2@INCD)
  • Carvalho, J., Faria, R., Butlin, R. K., & Sousa, V. C. (2023). poolHelper: An R package to help in designing Pool-Seq studies. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 00, 1- 8. (Projeto: 2021.09795.CPCA.A2@INCD)
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  • T. O. Abdul Fattah, V. P. Markevich, J. A. De Guzman, J. Coutinho, N. V. Abrosimov, J. Binns, I. Crowe, M. P. Halsall, A. R. Peaker, “Deep-level defects in Ga-doped silicon crystals”, AIP Conference Proceedings 2826, 110001 (2023), SiliconPV-2022 conference, (March, Konstanz, Germany, 2022); doi:10.1063/5.0140826 (Projeto: 2021.09643.CPCA.A2@HPC-UE)
  • T. O. Abdul Fattah, V. P. Markevich, J. A. T. De Guzman, J. Coutinho, S. B. Lastovskii, I. D. Hawkins, I. F. Crowe, M. P. Halsall, A. R. Peaker, “Interactions of Hydrogen Atoms with Acceptor-Dioxygen Complexes in Czochralski-Grown Silicon”, Physica Status Solidi A 219, 2200176 (2022); doi:10.1002/pssa.202200176 (Projeto: 2021.09643.CPCA.A2@HPC-UE)
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in Silva JPB et al. 2023


  • J.P.B. Silva, K.C. Sekhar, R.F. Negrea, C. Ghica, D. Dastan, M.J.M. Gomes. Ferroelectric properties of ZrO2 films deposited on ITO-coated glass 2022. Ceramics International. Volume 48, Issue 5. (Projeto: CPCA/A2/5649/2020@HPC-UE)
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figure 2
in Zhan et al. 2022
  • Martins, N.M.C.; Covas, D.I.C. Induced Circulation by Plunging and Submerged Jets in Circular Water Storage Tanks Using CFD. Water 2022, 14, 1277. Projeto CPCA/A2/2568/2020@MACC
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in Rosa et. al 2022
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in J. Coutinho et. al, 2021
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Outras publicações


  • Pedro J., Ramôa B., Nóbrega J. M., and Fernandes C., Verification and validation of openinjmoldsim, an open-source solver to model the filling stage of thermoplastic injection molding, Fluids, vol. 5, iss. 2, p. 84. 2020. Projeto@MACC
In Pedro J. et al, 2020

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