Center for Competence and Visualization in Advanced Computing


The Center for Competence and Visualization in Advanced Computing at the University of the Algarve (UAlg) has as its main valence the area of classical scientific visualization with equipment that ensures a good visualization experience, both in terms of processing and image quality, in an integrated environment with the UAlg Data Center for calculation capacity.

"Innovation and technology discovery with processing and visualization capabilities, as well as technology transfer to the community are the main contributions of the center" - Joel Guerreiro, Invited Assistant Professor and Director of UAlg's Computer Services.

Main valences

Classic scientific visualization area

GPU's for processing

Virtual Reality

Integrated environment with UAlg Data Center

Technical specifications

2x 84" Ultra HD Monitor

Desktop i9, 64 GB Ram, 4Tb SSD, GPU 3072C


Server with GPU

VR glasses with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer

Useful Information


phone: 289 244 450

address: Campus de Gambelas Edificio 1, sala 1.17. 8005-139 Faro


Access Policy: Request to Computer Services through for 2-hour slots.