Access Request

RNCA's computing resources are intended for public or private research, technology and innovation/industry communities in any scientific area.

The access request is intended to respond to computational projects that do not fall within the scope of the national Calls . The associated costs are calculated after analyzing the request.

If you are interested in RNCA's services, submit your request through the appropriate form. Indicate, if known, the following information in the message field:

  • Scope of application of computer resources
  • Operating Center and Desired Computing Model
  • Amount of computing resources: no. of core.hours, no. GPU.hours, amount of storage per month, etc.
  • Project start date and duration
  • Operating System, Software Tools and Application Software

Indicative Costs

The three computational projects presented intend to characterize, in a generic way, the costs associated with the use of RNCA resources. They do not reflect any specific computational project and the values presented are only indicative and may change*. Each access request is analyzed according to the needs and requirements of the computational project and its cost is calculated based on that same information. Submit your access request using the appropriate form.

I - High Performance Computing Design

100 000 core.hours

500 GPU.hours

2 TB/month storage

6 month duration

Indicative value: 1,500 euros

II - Cloud Computing Project

500 000 vCPU.hours

5 000 GPU.hours

5 TB/month cloud storage

36-month duration

Indicative value: 10,000

III - High Performance Computing Design

5 000 000 core.hours

5 000 GPU.hours

5 TB/month storage

12-month duration

Indicative value: 65,000

* The estimated values are for reference only and result from applying the following tariff: 0.0123€/core.hour, 0.18€/GPU.hour and 6.5€/TB.month for HPC and 15€/TB.month for cloud storage.