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The European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking is a joint initiative of the European Commission, of which Portugal is a member. EuroHPC participates in the co-financing of resources and promotes their sharing among the member states. FCT participates in the management bodies of EuroHPC representing Portugal, along with other European member states.


The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe promotes the collaboration and use of high performance computing (HPC) at the European level. Participation in PRACE is ensured by the University of Coimbra, which is part of the RNCA.

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The European Grid Initiative (EGI) is an international e-infrastructure created to provide advanced computing and data analytics services for publicly funded research and innovation comprising hundreds of datacenters and clouds around the world. Participation in EGI is ensured by LIP which is part of the RNCA.

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RES then

In November 2018 a memorandum of understanding was established between the Government of the Portuguese Republic and the Government of the Kingdom of Spain to create the Iberian Advanced Computing Network, in which the RES and the BSC as well as the MACC are encompassed.


In November 2017 a memorandum of understanding was established between FCT, University of Minho and the University of Austin (Texas, USA) for the creation of the MACC