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EuroCC Project - NCC Portugal

The project EuroCC - National Competence Center - was created to boost knowledge in high performance computing (HPC) and its opportunities in Europe. This project had its first phase from 2020 to 2022 and is now in Phase 2 until 2025.

With funding from the European HPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC-JU), EuroCC and CASTIEL (Coordination and Support for National Competence Centers at the European level) will build a European network of HPC competence centers. These projects will fill the existing gaps in HPC competencies by promoting cooperation and implementation of best practices across Europe.

A FCT is the coordinator and national co-financer of EuroCC Portugal, with the members of the National Network for Advanced Computing as main partners.

Check the EuroCC Portugal page and get to know its main competencies, use cases, resources, events, and national and international trainings.

Other co-funded projects:

BigHPCCOMPETE2020/UTAustin: A Management Framework for Consolidated Big Data and High-Performance ComputingMACC, LIP, UTA, TACC, Wavecom
HPC+HPDAERASMUS+, ref. 2019-1-PT01-KA103-060660: High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analytics. It enables outgoing mobility of students, academic and non-academic staff of the consortium university partners to programme countries.UÉvora, UCoimbra and others
SPARCITYH2020-JTIEuroHPC-2019-1, ref. 956213: An Optimization and Co-Design Framework for Sparse ComputationINESC-ID
exaFOAMH2020-JTIEuroHPC-2019-3, ref 956416: Exploitation of Exascale Systems for Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamics by Mainstream IndustryUMinho and others
RISC2H2020 FETHPC: A network for supporting the coordination of High-Performance Computing research between Europe and Latin AmericaUCoimbra, INESCTEC and others
SENTINELNORTE2020: Novel injectable biosensor for continuous remote monitoring of cancer patients at high-risk of relapseStemmatters, LIN, UMinho, CCA, UTA
PAStorUTAustin Portugal, ref:
UTA-EXPL/CA/0075/2019: Programmable and Adaptable Storage for AI-oriented HPC Ecosystems. Project URL
ACT-PMUTAustin Portugal, ref: UTA-EXPL/CA/0080/2019: Automating Crash-Consistency Testing for Persistent Memory.INESCTEC, INESC-ID, UTA
STREACKERUTAustin Portugal, ref: UTAP-EXPL/CA/0065/2017: Skeletal Tracking Enhanced with Anatomically Correct Kinematics for Exergames and Rehabilitation. Project URLINESC-ID, UTA, HFF-EPE, IDMEC