Projetos de Computação Avançada

4ª edição do Concurso de Projetos de Computação Avançada


  • Acesso Experimental (A0) – recomendado a equipas sem experiência prévia ou sem histórico de utilização de recursos computacionais ou para utilização de recursos de visualização.
    Deadline para submissão de candidaturas – LOTE D: 31 de maio 2024 (18h)
    Candidaturas encerradas
  • Acesso Desenvolvimento (A1) – recomendado para testes de performance de software, otimização de código, testes de escalabilidade, benchmarking, re-factoring ou para projetos sem necessidade de muitos recursos em qualquer das plataformas.
    Deadline para submissão de candidaturas – LOTE D: 31 de maio 2024 (18h)
    Candidaturas encerradas
  • Acesso Regular (A2) – recomendado para projetos científicos ou de inovação cuja equipa tenha consolidada experiência prévia. Exclusivo para recursos nas plataformas da Infraestrutura Nacional de Computação Distribuída, Laboratório de Computação Avançada da Universidade de Coimbra e Centro de HPC da Universidade de Évora.
    Candidaturas encerradas
  • Acesso Maior Dimensão (A3) – para grandes projetos de investigação e inovação cuja equipa tenha consolidada experiência prévia. Exclusivo para recursos nas novas plataformas Deucalion e MareNostrum 5.
    Deucalion: Candidaturas encerradas
    MareNostrum 5: Deadline para submissão de candidaturas – 31 maio 2024 (18h).
    Candidaturas encerradas
Listagem dos 59 projetos aprovados até abril 2024
Project ReferencePlatformTitle
2023.10385.CPCA.A0 LCAUC_Navigator HPC-Powered Simulations for Flame and Combustion Control with Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators
2023.10386.CPCA.A0 HPCUÉ_Oblivion Towards a Transfer-based Explainable Artificial Intelligence in ECG-based Diagnosis for Cardiac Disorders by Using Knowledge-Based Modules
2023.10427.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus Simulation of neutral and stratified atmospheric flows for wind energy applications using OpenFOAM coupled with mesoscale model simulations
2023.10485.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus WindSyn – Large scale wind data modelling, forecasting and synthetic generation
2023.10664.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus Deep generative models for data augmentation in fault detection
2023.10733.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus Unsteady Ventilation CFD simulation on test room
2023.10755.CPCA.A0 HPCUÉ_Oblivion e Vision Multi-modal Point Cloud and RGB-D Image Fusion for 3D Occupancy Estimation using Transformers
2023.10765.CPCA.A0 LCAUC_Navigator Machine learning -based usage of WiFi spectrum for connected mobility support
2023.10766.CPCA.A0 HPCUÉ_Oblivion e Vision Enhancing Biomedical Question Answering for BioASQ 12th edition
2023.10769.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus NNx3D: Neural Networks and ion beam analysis techniques for 3D imaging
2023.10776.CPCA.A0 HPCUÉ_Oblivion A Julia Parallel Data Analytics Software to Process Massive Volumes of Simulations Data 
2023.10672.CPCA.A0 INCD_Cirrus e Stratus CFD computation of the heat transfer and pressure loss coefficients for CORE type power transformer windings.
2023.10667.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus e StratusNew systems simulations for thermal energy storage
2023.10382.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusVariation of fundamental constants – Constraining models beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology
2023.10436.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusSpikeLig: Affinity ligands towards the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
2023.10445.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusGenome sequencing on Eurasian ancient and modern Human
2023.10478.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusThermodynamics of Clathrate Hydrates containing CO2
2023.10484.CPCA.A1 LCAUC_NavigatorAnalysis of Biomolecules in Biochemistry
2023.10573.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | VisionTricriticality in 4D U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory
2023.10635.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusSearch for New Physics at the LHC
2023.10650.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | OblivionUnderstanding the oligomeric assembly of Lys49 sPLA2-like phospholipases in search of their mechanism of action
2023.10661.CPCA.A1 LCA-UC | NavigatorComputational design of chitosan-based adsorbents for antibiotic removal
2023.10678.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | VisionLarge-scale Genomic Investigation of Molecular Selection Signatures for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
2023.10683.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | OblivionComputational mapping of the chemical subspace of 3d-metal catalysts for oxidative transformations
2023.10736.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | OblivionStudy of Dion Jacobson layered structures for efficient energy materials
2023.10743.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusDirect Optimization of Energetic Particles in Fusion Energy Devices
2023.10756.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | OblivionLarge scale calculations of atomic parameters for astrophysical spectral fitting using AUTOSTRUCTURE
2023.10771.CPCA.A1 HPC-UE | VisionTowards a Deep Learning HRTF solution
2023.10774.CPCA.A1 LCA-UC | NavigatorAdvanced machine learning models for cellular steel beams to predict the capacity and corresponding failure modes
2023.10781.CPCA.A1 INCD | CirrusUncovering the Transport Mechanism of the Carboxylic Acid Transporters from Aspergillus niger
2023.10782.CPCA.A1INCD | CirrusThe genomic ancestry of prehistoric human populations in Northern Portugal
2023.11083.CPCA.A0INCD | CirrusComputational Exploration of Large RNA Molecules through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
2023.11473.CPCA.A0LCA-UC | NavigatorExploring the community structure and dynamics within large biochemical networks
2023.11983.CPCA.A0HPC-UE | VisionZero-shot learning Forest simulation using multi-spectral images and vegetation taxonomy
2023.12737.CPCA.A0HPC-UE | VisionAnalysis of genomic datasets related with aging and the cell cycle
2023.13303.CPCA.A0INCD | Cirrus“Reinforcement Learning for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
2023.13332.CPCA.A0INCD | StratusiSTARS research platform for health data science
2023.13702.CPCA.A0HPC-UE | VisionExtracting Catalysis Data using Large Language Models
2023.14012.CPCA.A0LCA-UC | NavigatorGlobal diversity and catch variation of small pelagic fish in the end of the 21st century 
2023.14067.CPCA.A0LCA-UC | NavigatorComponents for Advanced Driven Assistive Systems (ADAS) – Collision detection
2023.14302.CPCA.A0HPC-UE |OblivionImplementation of a Constant-pH Molecular Dynamics Simulation Protocol for proteins and its application to the study of the binding of the SARS-CoV-2 S S-protein to the ACE2 human protein receptor
2023.12964.CPCA.A0LCA-UC | NavigatorIs string theory falsifiable?
LCA-UC | Navigator
Numerical Modeling of Ribbing and Misting in Roll Coating
2023.10837.CPCA.A1LCA-UC | NavigatorComparative Phylogenetic Analyses of Klebsiella pneumoniae for Genomic Characterization
2023.10864.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |OblivionContinuously Monitored Systems
2023.11060.CPCA.A1INCD | StratusEnhancing National Research Data Accessibility through Federated European Genome-phenome Archive
2023.11548.CPCA.A1LCA-UC | NavigatorMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Ion Implantation into Gallium Oxide 
2023.12001.CPCA.A1INCD | CirrusExploring Fundamental Molecular Processes in the Aggregation Inhibition of α-Synuclein: Study of Oligomers of the Full Protein and Truncated Variants
2023.13272.CPCA.A1LCA-UC | NavigatorMapping dark energy with the Euclid satellite
2023.13841.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |OblivionAb-initio Study of the Naturally Layered Ferroelectric Li2SrNb2O7
2023.13859.CPCA.A1LCA-UC | NavigatorLinear scaling methods for the study of superconductivity in quasiperiodic moiré systems
2023.13974.CPCA.A1INCD | CirrusComputational Exploration of Niobium-Containing Glasses: From Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations to NMR Parameter Analysis
2023.14066.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |OblivionAb-initio insights into Ruddlesden-Popper Ferroelectrics towards Energy Efficient Materials
2023.14249.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |Oblivion e VisionComputing Network Motif Fingerprints using Graph Neural Networks
2023.14274.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |OblivionBenchmark and scalability tests of massively-parallel gyromotion applications for nuclear-fusion devices
2023.14317.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |Oblivion e VisionImplementing and Evaluating AI-Driven Evolution in Cyber-Physical Systems
2023.14329.CPCA.A1INCD | CirrusParalelization of cpw2000
2023.14342.CPCA.A1INCD | StratusAdvanced Genomic Data Processing in Portuguese FEGA Node
2023.14361.CPCA.A1HPC-UE |Oblivion e VisionInterplay between quasiperiodicity and interactions in one-dimensional super-moiré systems
Tabela 7. Lista dos primeiros 59 Projetos Aprovados com recursos RNCA na 4ª edição CPCA (2023/24)

3ª edição do Concurso de Projetos de Computação Avançada


Listagem dos 140 projetos aprovados
Project ReferencePlatformTitle
2022.17881.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionLarge scale calculations of atomic parameters for astrophysical spectral fitting using High Performance Computing
2022.23037.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusINSaFLU Snakemake
2022.26279.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusEvolution of Knotted Proteins with AlphaFold
2022.26855.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionRNA signatures as risk markers in cancers triggered by smoking habits
2022.27818.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionSelf- and semi-supervised learning for vehicle make and model recognition in images
2022.28046.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusSearch for molecular modulators of Foxo3a activity
2022.28078.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorLES Analysis of Ejector Mixing Processes
2022.28117.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorDeep generative models for promising cancer targets
2022.38032.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusInteractions between mechanisms of reproductive isolation
2022.38089.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusThe effects of citizen science image quality on deep learning models for fish species classification
2022.38203.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusMetamaterial design
2022.39784.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionCalculation of Au Highly Charged Ions’ Dielectronic Recombination Rates
2022.40532.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionBayesian Evidence Calculation for Strong Field QED tests with He-Like Ions
2022.41755.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusMMCAT- Molecular Mechanisms of Carboxylic Acid Transporters
2022.42199.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorConstruction of the Gene-based Pangenome of the model-organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2022.42446.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusStandard-language GPU acceleration for kinetic simulations in plasma physics
2022.42466.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorContinuously Monitored Systems
2022.42471.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionTowards an atomic-level understanding of the interaction of CO2 molecules with functional groups in porous silicas
2022.42626.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionOpTIMAL NGS – New Generation Storage Towards a Sustainable Energy System
2022.46814.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusMitoProfiles: Gene Expression Landscape in Cancers from High Metabolic Rate Organs
2022.54670.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionBio-QAG: Biomedical Question-Answering with Passage Retrieval and Generative Language Models
2022.55180.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusEvaluation of stratification mechanisms on different thermal energy storage systems
2022.55201.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusUnsteady ventilation CFD simulation on a closed test room.
2022.56669.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusKeep Pace: Selection of trees keeping pace with fast environmental changes, a science based approach for sustainable XXI century Oak forests – KeePace. 
2022.56778.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusVehicle Aerodynamics studies using CFD,
2022.56990.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorCharacterization of antibacterial molecules through electronic structure calculations and computational learning methods
2022.57089.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorCarbohydrate-templated structures for detection and removal of water pollutants 
2022.57951.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusHybrid Parallel Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Large-Scale Nonlinear Equation Systems
2022.58004.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionPersonalised Acoustic Simulation Optimisation
2022.58205.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusBioinformatic analysis of the virome of sharks and rays
2022.58671.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionMachine Learning for Plasma Density and Temperature Diagnostics
2022.58848.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionCAPACITY – ClimAte change imPACt assessment on aIr qualiTY and human health
2022.59005.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusComputing the Portuguese wildland urban interface from land cover maps
2022.59037.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusDeep Learning for forecasting and unsupervised anomaly detection in multi-dimensional time-series data 
2022.59222.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusUsing Computational Fluid Dynamics models to assess the impact of atmospheric turbulence on free-space optics 
2022.69797.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusVine and Wine – Recuperar Portugal – PRR
2022.72436.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusUncertainty in the Discrete Fourier Transform
2022.72657.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorSafety analysis of buildings in contact with wildfire through computational simulation
2022.72694.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusVariation of fundamental constants – Constraining models beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology
2022.73180.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorHigh-Fidelity Simulation of Atomization of Taylor Cone Jets for Electrospinning/Electrospray Application
2022.73550.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusDetection of low-frequency DNA variants in bacterial populations using ensemble machine learning
2022.73688.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusSolving Distributed Systems’ Problems using Generative AI
2022.74087.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionElectronic structure and reactivity of large homo- and heterometallic polynuclear clusters 
2022.74292.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusAgeID – Automatic age reading in fish otoliths using convolutional neural networks for the optimization of fisheries stock assessment
2022.74481.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusAlgarve Fit Ageing Score – MultiOmics
2022.63137.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionCarbon-Fuel Monitoring System for Nationwide Forest Resource Assessments Using Advanced Remote Sensing Technologies
2022.74920.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionHigh-performance computing projects climate change impacts on global marine biodiversity
2022.75018.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionDeep Neural Networks for Spectrogram Analysis
2022.75021.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus e StratusSpatial Data Science Services for COVID-19 Pandemic
2022.75045.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionExpanding the target space for novel anti-Tuberculosis drugs using large scale phylogenomics
2022.75114.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusAstroSOM: Unveiling Cosmic Evolution with Self-Organizing Maps
2022.75159.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusCOSMIC-H0ST: probing supernova Ia host galaxies and their impact on cosmological parameter estimation
2022.75192.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionOpenFoam Performance and Scalability Analysis in Plasma Discharges Simulations
2022.75198.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusShedding light on the Pangenome of Helicobacter pylori and its phages 
2022.75203.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusInvestigating the genomics changes during co-evolution between herbivores
2022.75208.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_OblivionMALAGO – MAchine Learning Aided Graph theory Optimization Applied to Density Functional Theory
2022.75218.CPCA.A0INCD_CirrusSimulating eco-evolutionary dynamics of predator-prey interactions in structured environments
2022.75263.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionAdapting deep-learning architectures for NIR spectral analysis.
2022.75275.CPCA.A0INCD_Cirrus and StratusReverse engineering of genetic regulatory networks underlying stem cell differentiation and cardiogenesis
2022.75281.CPCA.A0LCAUC_NavigatorHunting for Obscured Supermassive Black Holes using HPC-Warp speed
2022.75290.CPCA.A0HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionHPC onboarding
2022.15610.CPCA.A1INCD_Cirrus and StratusInvestigation of 3D Modeling of Uniaxial Elongational Rheometry Test Through SER Device Using Viscoelastic Material
2022.15625.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorScalability tests for a new viscoelastic extension to the Incompact3d flow solver
2022.15641.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorModelling fire spread from forest to the built environment at the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) using Fire Dynamics Simulator
2022.15770.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionIntegrative analysis of histological images and gene expression for phenotype association in human tissues
2022.15773.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorAssessing the Effectiveness of Defect Prediction-based Unit Tests at Localizing Faults
2022.15784.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorSimulation of turbulent gas-liquid flows in stirred systems
2022.15800.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusGenetic Programming for Genomics Interpretation
2022.15834.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionThe interplay between quasiperiodicity and interactions in 1D
2022.15842.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorDesign of Carbon-based Materials for Pesticides Adsorption by computational methodologies
2022.15843.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionExploring the interactions of a streptogramin B antibiotic to an antibiotic degrading enzyme, to devise new strategies to tackle antibiotic resistance
2022.15844.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionTidal Disruption Events of stars by the Super Massive Black Hole Sgr A* and formation of accretion discs, using the Kerr metrics.
2022.15852.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusAutomated Flat Circuit-Level Topology Generation
2022.15854.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusHypersingular Fast Multipole Boundary Domain Element methods for the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations in two and three dimensions. Application of method in the calculation of the flow past obstacles and wall shear stress in bioengineering problems.
2022.15861.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorStochastic Computation of Large-Scale Matrix Functions
2022.15868.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionReshaping nanoformulations with sustainable biobased molecules using computational modelling
2022.15880.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusLanguage Driven Image Design with Diffusion
2022.15887.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionDIMCO2 – Scalability and Tuning of Data Intensive Machine Learning Models for COVID-19  related symptomology early detection 
2022.15894.CPCA.A1INCD_Cirrus and StratusProbing Dark Matter in the Galaxy: constraints from disk non-linearity and halo composition
2022.15901.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorMultidimensional Tunneling Calculations: Exploring New Reactivity Paradigms to Drive Chemical Transformations
2022.15910.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionTwisted bilayer graphene: Incommensurability meets Interactions 
2022.15912.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusBioM2D: BioMaterials Molecular Dynamics for biopharmaceutical purification – feasibility study using HPC
2022.15913.CPCA.A1INCD_Cirrusα-Synuclein Oligomers and Small Fibers: The Role of Linear and Cyclic Peptides on Aggregation
2022.15930.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorMachine learning models for steel members subjected to fire
2022.15931.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionExploring at the atomic-level solid-gas interactions in polysaccharide-based materials for CO2 capture combining computational and NMR methods
2023.00015.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorImproving and understanding membrane processes performance through CFD simulations
2023.05206.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusAtmospheric pressure plasma jet simulations using the Software Platform for Aerothermodynamics Radiation and Kinetics
2023.05807.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorConstruction of the Graph-based Pangenome for the model-organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2023.05810.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionStrain-Induced Effects of Deformed Graphene
2023.05813.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionDesign of Dion Jacobson layered structures for efficient energy materials
2023.08460.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionComputational design of protein binders to target viral fusion proteins
2023.08586.CPCA.A1INCD_Cirrus and StratusMapping the Knowledge Landscape of Language Models
2023.09323.CPCA.A1INCD_Cirrus and StratusMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Ion Implantation into Gallium Oxide 
2023.09530.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusCarrier capture kinetics of defect traps in semiconductors
2023.09536.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusCaCau: Cancer Causality | Phase 1
2023.09537.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionTowards noise resilient quantum algorithms in the NISQ era
2023.09549.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionProbing Very High Energy Horizon: Detection of GeV Emitters Beyond Expected Limits
2023.09563.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionModeling a competent complex of a bacterial sulfide:quinone reductase interacting with its membrane counterpart
2023.09571.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionLarge eddy simulation for turbulent channel flow of viscoelastic fluids and sensitivity to rheological model
2023.09574.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_OblivionHydrodynamics of active and passive nematics
2023.09581.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorTesting yeast genome assembly pipelines using long-read sequencing data
2023.09583.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorDesign of Naturally Layered Ferroelectrics towards Energy Efficient Materials
2023.09585.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorDesign of Ruddlesden Popper layered structures for efficient energy materials
2023.09592.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorUnraveling the role of NS2 cofactor in flavivirus NS2B-NS3 protease activity 
2023.09598.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusExploring the interaction of antimicrobial nucleic acid mimics (NAMs) with biomembrane models to understand and optimize the delivery into bacteria
2023.09602.CPCA.A1INCD_CirrusMachine learning models for cellular steel beams
2023.09611.CPCA.A1LCAUC_NavigatorParaDiSE-LHD: Massively Parallel and Distributed Swarm Intelligence-Based and Evolutionary Algorithms for Large-Scale Nonlinear Equation Systems and High-Dimensional PDEs
2023.09623.CPCA.A1HPCUÉ_Oblivion and VisionNanostructure of Ionic Liquid-Based Micelles by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
2022.15813.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorProbing structural dynamics of artificial molecular machinery using microwave spectroscopy
2022.15888.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorMechanisms of protection of lactic acid bacteria by fructo-oligosaccharides: a molecular simulation study
2022.15877.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorInvestigation of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface in non-equilibrium turbulence by means of direct numerical simulations
2022.15858.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusPopulation genomics of hybridization and response to climate change: combining new bioinformatic methods with omics data from endemic Iberian freshwater fish
2022.15706.CPCA.A2HPCUE_OblivionMagnetic field generation by flows quasiperiodic in space
2022.15824.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorDeep-Cog: a Deep Neural Network for Abnormal Cognitive Decline Detection Based on Multimodal Data
2022.15892.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorHigh statistical lattice computation of propagators and vertices in Landau gauge
2022.15818.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusEnhancement of Proteins to address Health Conditions
2022.15827.CPCA.A2INCD_Stratus (VRE)Portuguese Biodiversity Data Portal and associated services to PORBIOTA RI user community
2022.15575.CPCA.A2HPCUE_OblivionA coarse-grained molecular dynamic simulation framework to unveil the interactions between mixtures of diverse nature Pluronic in aqueous solutions
2022.15804.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorDynamics of bosonic stars
2022.15802.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorMXene-based transition metal single atom catalysts for nitrogen dissociation
2022.15851.CPCA.A2HPCUE_OblivionHIDRALERTA Plus
2022.15874.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorThe influence of a known mutation into the stargazin/Kv7.2 dynamics and function.
2022.15857.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusPERFECT – oPEncoasts as a Relocatable Forecast Engine for Coastal Digital Twins
2022.15869.CPCA.A2INCD_Stratus (VRE)PTPARL-D: Annotated corpus of Portuguese Parliament Debates
2022.15885.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusNumerical Tests of a Superfluid Effective Field Theory in the 3d O(2)-model.
2022.15882.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusParkinson’s Disease and α-Synuclein Aggregation: A Coarse-Grained/All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Approach for Targeting a Cyclic Peptide Drug
2022.15647.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorMedium and High-fidelity Aerodynamic Models for Wind Farm Power Optimization
2022.15825.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusDeleterious and compensatory mutations and their role in evolutionary radiations
2022.15841.CPCA.A2INCD_Cirrus and StratusWORSICA: Water detection web service for coastal, inland and irrigation network applications
2022.15822.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorAb initio search for practical superconductors
2022.15873.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorLarge-spectrum antiviral drug development for influenza: towards the minimization of seasonal outbreaks and the prevention of future pandemics
2022.15828.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of renewable energy devices
2022.15878.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusIn silico study of peptidic dendrimers as transfection agents in RNA vaccines
2022.15879.CPCA.A2INCD_Stratus (VRE)AGRISPACE: Portuguese AGRIculture data SPACE
2022.15760.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusDynamical spin-charge coupling in van der Waals nanostructures
2022.15579.CPCA.A2HPCUE_OblivionBiodegrading  unsatured polyesters  – establishing the enzymatic catalytic mechanism of Pseudomonas sp. MIS38 lipase
2022.15832.CPCA.A2HPCUE_OblivionReaction mechanism of HYDROgen evolution CATalysed by low-dimensional systems (RHYDROCAT)
2022.15871.CPCA.A2INCD_CirrusMulti-omic approaches to study evolution of domestication in non-conventional yeasts
2022.15697.CPCA.A2LCAUC_NavigatorEnhancing membrane permeation of MRI contrast agents with molecular umbrellas
Tabela 6: Lista dos 140 Projetos Aprovados na 3ª edição CPCA (2022/23).

2ª edição do Concurso de Projetos de Computação Avançada


Listagem dos 99 projetos aprovados
Project ReferencePlatformTitle
CPCA/A0/395088/2021Bob|MACCBenchmarking Convolutional Neural Networks for Neural Architecture Search Optimization
CPCA/A0/395208/2021Cirrus | INCDIon beam spectra analysis using HPC
CPCA/A0/396969/2021Bob | MACCPortuguese Transformers
CPCA/A0/401985/2021 Navigator| LCA-UCOptimization of flow electrode channel geometry to boost recovery of lithium from brines by flow capacitive deionization
CPCA/A1/394984/2021Cirrus | INCDFuture trajectories of biogeography under globalization – iGLOBAL
CPCA/A1/394985/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉUnveiling the capacity of Poly(oxyethylene) alkyl ethers CiEj surfactants for oil extraction in silica/water environments through coarse-grain molecular dynamic simulations
CPCA/A1/394998/2021Bob | MACCAutomated Flat Circuit-Level Topology Generation
CPCA/A1/395424/2021Navigator| LCA-UCCamelot: Prediction of Machine Learning Pipeline Execution Times
CPCA/A1/396747/2021Bob | MACC DIMCO- Data Intensive Machine Learning Models for COVID-19 related symptomology early detection
CPCA/A1/401180/2021Bob | MACCUnravelling the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease mutations: a computational approach
CPCA/A1/401197/2021Cirrus | INCDEvent Simulation for the Development of Anomaly detection Techniques at the LHC
CPCA/A1/402105/2021Cirrus | INCDABCD – Advanced Building Conception and Design
CPCA/A1/402869/2021Bob | MACCCPU4MOSAIC+
CPCA/A1/402953/2021Bob | MACCExploring Modelling of Extensional Rheology Tests Exclusively for SER Platform with Viscoelastic Materials in HPC system
CPCA/A1/405417/2021Navigator| LCA-UCMachine Learning Models for the Research and Development of Steel Structures Design
CPCA/A0/408464/2021Bob | MACCMetaLignoZymes – Metagenomic analysis of lignocellulosic residues towards the discovery of novel enzymes
CPCA/A0/409052/2021Bob | MACCExploration of de novo genomic assemblies of the pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae
CPCA/A1/415075/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉDefects and stability of ferrelectric Zirconium dioxide
CPCA/A1/408141/2021Cirrus | INCDNavier-Stokes Simulations of Reactive and High-Speed Plasma Flows
CPCA/A1/408711/2021Cirrus | INCDWORSICA – Water mOnitoRing SentInel Cloud platform
CPCA/A1/407670/2021Cirrus | INCDCFD simulations of the hydrodynamics of floating bodies
CPCA/A1/410638/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉFine-tuning TMBIM ion channel activity to control hallmarks of cancer
CPCA/A1/407703/2021Navigator| LCA-UCMDFluoMemPro – Molecular dynamics characterization of novel fluorescent membrane probes
CPCA/A1/407814/2021Navigator| LCA-UCUsing a Genetic Algorithm to design new urease inhibitors
CPCA/A1/407448/2021Bob | MACCA Monte-Carlo Approach for Solving Systems of Fractional Differential Equations
CPCA/A1/416303/2021Bob | MACCProbing MRSA mecA-dependent resistance mechanism by molecular dynamics simulations
CPCA/A1/419081/2021Bob | MACCParallel Implementations of optimization algorithms in HPC Clusters using free-access software
CPCA/A0/422435/2021Cirrus | INCDEC-EARTH climate downscaling for the Azores Islands
CPCA/A0/426012/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉHigh-order schemes impact in parallel computing with the PESTC libraries
CPCA/A0/427668/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉJuPy+HPC | High Level Languages on HPC
CPCA/A0/429960/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉObject recognition to assist visually impaired citizens
CPCA/A0/432327/2021Navigator | LCA-UCTowards an atomic-level understanding of the interaction of CO2 molecules with functional groups in polysaccharides
CPCA/A1/408143/2021Cirrus | INCDNavier-Stokes Simulations of Reactive and High-Speed Plasma Flows
CPCA/A1/420917/2021Cirrus | INCDMulti-scale analysis of multi-phase materials with computational homogenisation
CPCA/A1/421343/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉMachine Learning and Special Functions as Activation Functions in Image Processing
CPCA/A1/422043/2021Cirrus | INCDCutting-edge QM/MM MD implementation for the study of enzymatic mechanisms
CPCA/A1/428291/2021Bob | MACCMachine Learning for Gravitational Waves
CPCA/A1/431509/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉAb Initio Study of Hf-based Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskites
CPCA/A1/433482/2022Bob | MACCNumerical simulation of high efficiency gas-solid cyclones
CPCA/A0/440025/2021Navigator| LCA-UCYeastsBioFlavorome – Bioinformatic analysis of yeasts
flavorome and fermentome to unravel non-Saccharomyces species biotechnological
CPCA/A0/441106/2021Navigator| LCA-UCGonoMol: Molecular data analysis of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
isolates: assembling and phylogenomics
2021.09617.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉFocusing and acceleration of positrons in a plasma channel with an intense laser
2021.09622.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCTowards Novel Graphenic Materials for Electronics
2021.09688.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉSINATRA – Intelligent System to support the INundation and bAthing waTeR quality management in coAstal cities
2021.09795.CPCACirrus | INCDPopulation genomics of hybridization and adaptation: combining new bioinformatic methods with omics data from endemic Iberian freshwater fish 
2021.09680.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCAtmospheric Flows over Complex Terrain
2021.09640.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCPredicting economic decisions from brain structure
2021.09643.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉWHRLeTID: Whys, Hows and Remedies of Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation of solar silicon
2021.09752.CPCACirrus | INCDOptimization of Validated SARS-CoV-2 Antivirals against the New Emerging Variants
2021.09830.CPCACirrus | INCDMonopoles in 5d pure Yang-Mills and their role in criticality
2021.09644.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉStructure and dynamics of mono and bilayers subjected to external agents
2021.09804.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCCyclic peptides as potential inhibitors of SARS-COV-2 main protease
2021.09741.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCRepDrugCancer – Repurposing drugs to tackle cancer diseases
2021.09667.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉExotic hadrons with functional methods
2021.09828.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉNet4CO2: Research and Development of NetMIX devices for low and zero carbon technologies via CFD simulations
2021.09764.CPCACirrus | INCDHigh-Velocity Water Jets: Combined CFD and Experimental Approaches to Characterize the Scouring Process
2021.09635.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCA fast deep learning approach to improve protein pKa predictions
2021.09815.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉDirect numerical simulations of large-scale magnetic fields
2021.09761.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCContentMAP: fMRI brain-mapping of object knowledge
2021.09676.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCBlack holes and bosonic fields
2021.09827.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉSimulated Guided Growth of Dion-Jacobson Energy Efficient Materials
2021.09821.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCStudies on the human Pgp folding
2021.09817.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCAnalysis of the turbulent entrainment in wakes by means of direct numerical simulations
2021.09782.CPCACirrus | INCDUnderstanding non-B mtDNA conformations using molecular dynamics simulations 
2021.09701.CPCACirrus | INCDCoastNet Research Infrastructure: The Coastal Monitoring Network
2021.09759.CPCANavigator| LCA-UCHigh statistical lattice computation of quark and ghost propagators
2021.09623.CPCACirrus | INCDCO2 Capture and Storage using Water: a Paradigm for Clean Energy Production
2021.09753.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉThe mechanism of action of the sPLA2-like toxin of viper venom
2021.09731.CPCACirrus | INCDStructure-based database screening to support decision-making for endocrine disruptor identification
2021.09799.CPCAOblivion | HPC-UÉStructural, energetic and catalytic properties of vacancy defects in MXene surfaces
CPCA/A1/435377/2021Cirrus | INCDBayesian Structural Equation Modeling:
CPCA/A1/437838/2021Bob | MACCOcean-Atmosphere Dynamics of Island Wakes
CPCA/A1/438851/2021Bob | MACCMitigation of CO2 using Water Ices: Clean Energy Production via greenhouse-effect Reduction
CPCA/A1/447491/2021Navigator | LCA-UCProtein Design in Biotechnology and Health
CPCA/A1/449427/2021Oblivion | HPC-UÉMaximum Likelihood Estimation in spatio-temporal models for time series of counts
CPCA/A0/442585/2021Bob | MACCGenoCj – Unravelling the genomic features of the yeast Cyberlindnera jadinii for organic acid production
CPCA/A0/447914/2021 Bob | MACCSignatures of the adaptation of environmental and pathogenic Mycobacteria in their genomic architecture
CPCA/A1/455167/2021Bob | MACCScalability of pseudo-spectral code for Magnetohydrodynamics simulations
CPCA/A1/457971/2021Bob | MACC Density functional theory for supercapacitor applications
CPCA/A1/460347/2021Bob | MACCImproving the Scability of High-order schemes by using the PESTC library
CPCA/A1/460622/2021Bob | MACCDesign of Ruddlesden Popper layered structures for efficient energy materials
CPCA/A1/467605/2021Bob | MACC Big data analysis for valence encoding in the mammalian brain
CPCA/A1/468306/2021 Bob | MACCBenchmarking Convolutional Neural Networks for Neural Architecture Search Development
CPCA/A1/469450/2021Bob | MACCCFD assisted design of flow electrodes channels for lithium recovery from brines by flow capacitive deionization
CPCA/A1/469976/2021Bob | MACCAdvancements on the use of AI for the Research and Development of Steel Structures Design
CPCA/A1/469986/2021Bob | MACC Computational modelling of sustainable biobased nanoformulations
CPCA/A1/470074/2021Bob | MACCTheoretical studies on molecular recognition by complex supramolecular architectures: from interlocked receptors to self-assembled redox-active hosts
CPCA/A1/470163/2021Bob | MACCThree-dimensional CFD modelling and analysis of a PCM thermal energy storage system
CPCA/A1/470166/2021Bob | MACCNon-Equilibrium Insulator Breakdown
CPCA/A1/470169/2021 Bob | MACCMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Ionic Liquids Near Interfaces
CPCA/A1/470243/2021Bob | MACCNon-trivial topological phases of incommensurate two-dimensional electronic systems
CPCA/A1/470255/2021Bob | MACC Aggregation study of an α-synuclein peptide
CPCA/A1/470447/2021Bob | MACCGenomics and transcriptomics mechanisms during adaptation to heavy metal pollution in crop pests
CPCA/A0/467120/2021Bob | MACC High-precision calculations of atomic parameters for X-ray emission spectra of complex open shell systems using distributed computing
CPCA/A0/467722/2021Bob | MACCUnraveling the atomic mechanisms in laser-produced tin plasma for nanolithography
CPCA/A0/467905/2021Bob | MACCMethods for data augmentation in FT-ICR-MS untargeted metabolomics
CPCA/A0/469866/2021Bob | MACCLiForce – Reactive Force Field Study of Li Deposition in Lithium-ion Battery Anodes
CPCA/A0/469969/2021Bob | MACCLaser Driven Electron Motion and High Harmonic Generation in Solids: A TDDFT approach
Tabela 5: Lista dos 99 Projetos Aprovados na 2ª edição CPCA (2021/22)

1ª edição do Concurso de Projetos de Computação Avançada


Listagem dos 129 projetos aprovados
Project Reference Platform Title
CPCA/A2/2500/2020HPC-UE | OblivionPyroConvection
CPCA/A2/2524/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorNew Graphene Materials for Electronics
CPCA/A2/2568/2020MACC | BobFlow Dynamics in Storage Tanks
CPCA/A1/2611/2020HPC-UE | OblivionScalability of pseudo-spectral code for turbulence simulation with particle tracking using a 1d-pencil decomposition
CPCA/A2/2613/2020MACC | BobCO2 Capture and Storage using Naturally Occurring H2O Ices
CPCA/A2/2640/2020MACC | BobTranscriptomics-based prediction of human phenotypes using scalable and secure machine learning approaches
CPCA/A1/2790/2020INCD | StratusThe global biogeography of invasive species: Emerging patterns, processes and short- to mid-term forecasts – GLOBINV
CPCA/A1/3154/2020INCD | CirrusExploring Matter in Extreme Conditions using Density Functional Theory 
CPCA/A2/3840/2020MACC | BobBlack holes and bosonic fields
CPCA/A2/4075/2020INCD | CirrusGetting ready for the unexpected: searching for new physics phenomena at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
CPCA/A2/4377/2020HPC-UE | OblivionDispersion of asphaltenes in model mixtures by ionic liquids – a theoretical approach
CPCA/A2/4403/2020MACC | BobSATRAP: Rational design of Self-Assembling networks for TRansparent electrode Applications – Bob
CPCA/A1/4416/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorSATRAP: Rational design of Self-Assembling networks for TRansparent electrode Applications – Navigator
CPCA/A1/4443/2020MACC | BobSearch Design
CPCA/A2/4513/2020MACC | BobNanoscale material design for advanced cutting tools
CPCA/A2/4568/2020INCD | CirrusEnzymatic Synthesis of Biopolymeric Conjugates for Advanced and Targeted Therapies
CPCA/A2/4595/2020INCD | CirrusRole of metal ions in DNA recognition by proteins
CPCA/A2/4628/2020HPC-UE | OblivionOptimal surface texturing patterns  for greener and more energy efficient sliding contacts
CPCA/A1/4630/2020HPC-UE | OblivionScalability of  code for spatial simulations of turbulent flows a 2d-pencil decomposition
CPCA/A1/4781/2020HPC-UE | OblivionProtein S structure and dynamics – insight into SARS-CoV-2 entry
CPCA/A2/5043/2020INCD | CirrusAb initio computational design of a plasmonic spintronic material
CPCA/A1/5214/2020INCD | CirrusDeep Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Machinery using Audio/Vibration
CPCA/A1/5613/2020INCD | StratusGenetic Programming for Interpretability
CPCA/A2/5649/2020HPC-UE | OblivionTiSiNAg-o-Learn
CPCA/A2/5804/2020MACC | BobNet4CO2 – 3D Simulations of NetMIX for Carbon Capture, Chemical Reaction,  and Combustion 
CPCA/A1/5903/2020INCD | CirrusMOOB- Multi-Objective Optimization of Buildings
CPCA/A2/6009/2020INCD | StratusCAMELOT – Cloud
CPCA/A2/6046/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorHigh Performance Computing of Wind Flows over Forested Mountains
CPCA/A2/6052/2020MACC | BobDeep learning for particle-laden viscoelastic flow modelling
CPCA/A1/6056/2020MACC | BobInjection Molding Simulator by Finite Pointset Method
CPCA/A1/6058/2020MACC | BobModelling the Injection Molding of Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Materials
CPCA/A2/6193/2020INCD | CirrusOcean-Atmosphere Dynamics of  Island Wakes
CPCA/A2/6202/2020MACC | BobExploitation of Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamics in HPC Systems
CPCA/A2/6231/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorGreenShoes – Virtual prototyping, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing in the footwear industry
CPCA/A1/6525/2020MACC | BobElectron-Phonon interaction in epitaxial Ge-Si-C superlattices
CPCA/A1/6717/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorArtificial Neural Networks for the Research and Development of Steel Structures Design
CPCA/A1/6759/2020MACC | BobLAW – NLP
CPCA/A2/6816/2020MACC | BobMulti-gluon vertices in Lattice QCD
CPCA/A2/6817/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorEpitaxial growth of multimetallic MXenes via nitrogen dissociation
CPCA/A2/6972/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorExpanding the druggable target space
CPCA/A2/6986/2020INCD | CirrusCIBME – Compressão de imagens biomédicas de modalidades emergentes (Compression of images from emergent biomedical modalities)
CPCA/A1/7015/2020MACC | BobAssessment of Footwear Thermal Comfort
CPCA/A1/7017/2020MACC | BobComputational Rheology with Complex Materials
CPCA/A1/7070/2020MACC | BobBerry connections from DFT calculations
CPCA/A2/7081/2020MACC | BobMolecular dynamics of crystallization of honey-like systems 
CPCA/A2/7083/2020MACC | BobMicrosolvation of ions in atomic and molecular solvents
CPCA/A2/7085/2020MACC | BobDynamical lattice QCD simulations at finite temperature
CPCA/A2/7087/2020MACC | BobNatural Layered Perovskite Oxide Engineering for Green Technologies
CPCA/A2/7181/2020MACC | BobIn Silico Optimization of Brain Imaging Probes with Enhanced Permeation
CPCA/A2/7192/2020INCD | CirrusHigh Velocity Water Jets: Combined Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Experimental Approaches to Characterize the Scouring Process
CPCA/A1/7203/2020HPC-UE | OblivionNumerical simulation of ammonia combustion in a swirl and bluff-body stabilised burner with complex chemistry
CPCA/A2/7217/2020INCD | CirrusPathogenomics of coffee leaf rust to probe virulence mechanisms and diagnostic markers
CPCA/A2/7219/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorDissecting dopamine receptor 2 functional mechanism
CPCA/A2/7242/2020HPC-UE | OblivionSINERGEA@RNCA – scenarios database for decision support of the integrated and optimized management of energy, bathing water quality and inundation in coastal cities
CPCA/A1/7252/2020INCD | CirrusScalability of a novel Monte-Carlo method in the study of Ising lattices
CPCA/A2/7255/2020INCD | StratusCoastNet Research Infraestruture
CPCA/A2/7257/2020INCD | CirrusNovel radiation sources from laser-plasma interactions
CPCA/A2/7261/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorTwo-Temperature Model – Molecular Dynamcis Simulations of Quantum Wells under Strongly Ionising Irradiation
CPCA/A2/7263/2020HPC-UE | OblivionLattice thermal conductivity of biased bilayer graphene systems
CPCA/A2/7269/2020MACC | BobHigh-performance computational design of biocompatible cell scaffolds for tissue engineering
CPCA/A0/7276/2020MACC | BobDirect numerical simulations of turbulent planar wakes 
CPCA/A0/7277/2020HPC-UE | OblivionModelling radiation-induced defect engineering in silicon carbide: from quantum computing to radiation detection
CPCA/A0/7287/2020MACC | BobDoes Yang-Mills have an ultraviolet fixed point in 5D?
CPCA/A0/7288/2020INCD | CirrusNonlinear optical responses in two-dimensional materials
CPCA/A0/7289/2020INCD | CirrusOptical Response in Topological Materials
CPCA/A0/7290/2020MACC | BobHigh-Fidelity Simulations for Ocean Sustainable Solutions (HOSTESS)
CPCA/A0/7291/2020MACC | BobHadron structure from nonperturbative QCD
CPCA/A0/7292/2020INCD | CirrusOptical response in disordered materials
CPCA/A0/7296/2020HPC-UE | OblivionDirect numerical simulations of large-scale magnetic fields
CPCA/A0/7297/2020INCD | CirrusMechanisms of reproductive allochrony in endemic Portuguese seabirds: implications for population divergence and response to climate change
CPCA/A0/7299/2020MACC | BobRunning Parallel Tasks Made Easier
CPCA/A0/7302/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorStructural and functional role of CACNG2 gene mutations in psychiatric diseases
CPCA/A0/7303/2020INCD | CirrusPopulation genomics of hybridization and adaptation
CPCA/A0/7304/2020INCD | CirrusFighting multidrugresistance in cancer by targeting P-glycoprotein
CPCA/A0/7305/2020MACC | BobDesign of protein chimeras targeting SARS-CoV-2
CPCA/A0/7308/2020HPC-UE | OblivionReal-space simulation of excitonic properties
CPCA/A0/7309/2020MACC | BobHybrid Improper Ferroelectricity in AA’Fe2O6 Double Perovskite
CPCA/A0/7311/2020MACC | BobGenomics of thermal adaptation: transcriptomic changes during climate warming
CPCA/A1/7313/2020INCD | StratusMeta-species analyses of patterns of molecular variation in marine fauna
CPCA/A0/7316/2020MACC | BobTargeting Neuroinflammation: from target validation to the rational design of selective modulators
CPCA/A0/7318/2020MACC | BobComputation of Functions over Matrices using Monte Carlo
CPCA/A0/7322/2020MACC | BobReducing the execution time of a solver in derivative-free optimization
CPCA/A0/7323/2020INCD | CirrusComputational Fluid Dynamics of Hypersonic, Reactive, and Plasma Flows 
CPCA/A0/7324/2020MACC | BobFunMix – Fundamentals of  Mixing Mechanics  in Chemical Reactors
CPCA/A0/7326/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorDirect numerical simulations of viscoelastic turbulent wakes
CPCA/A0/7329/2020MACC | BobCoarse grain modeling of membrane function in health and disease
CPCA/A0/7346/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorMultiobjective optimization in structural-acoustic coupled problems
CPCA/A0/7347/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorPeridynamics for multifunctional composite structures
CPCA/A0/7348/2020MACC | BobExotic optical properties of nonequilibrium quantum fluids
CPCA/A1/7350/2020INCD | StratusComprehensive study of the mutational effects in E.coli
CPCA/A0/7356/2020MACC | BobEvoMod: Machine learning modelling of terpene-driven genome evolution in Pseudomonas sp. M1
CPCA/A1/7359/2020INCD | StratusPhylogenetic network inference for bioassessment and conservation
CPCA/A0/7361/2020MACC | BobMDUSa – Magnetospheric Dynamics of Ultra-compact Stars
CPCA/A0/7363/2020INCD | CirrusGenerative Adversarial Networks for the material characterisation of biological tissues
CPCA/A0/7400/2020MACC | BobAdvanced computing for multi-scale reverse engineering
CPCA/A0/7401/2020MACC | BobCOMPUTIO: Flood modeling automation in high slope watersheds using artificial intelligence and big data techniques
CPCA/A0/7402/2020MACC | BobBio-inspired Optimization Algorithms for Unit Test Generation
CPCA/A0/7403/2020MACC | BobDesigning DNA-hydrogels to removing mycotoxins from water environments
CPCA/A2/7407/2020INCD | StratusPerformance evaluation of parallelization strategies in derivative-free optimization algorithms
CPCA/A0/7408/2020MACC | BobModeling Variable Identifiers to Improve the Adoption of Automatically Generated Unit Tests
CPCA/A0/7412/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorAdsorption energies of corrosion inhibitors as smart data to search new protective solutions for aeronautical applications
CPCA/A0/7416/2020INCD | CirrusGenomics of cadmium adaptation
CPCA/A2/7417/2020INCD | StratusMeasuring and adapting team-level constructs: Challenges and opportunities
CPCA/A0/7420/2020MACC | BobHigh resolution wind-wave modeling for the North Atlantic
CPCA/A2/7425/2020INCD | StratusFake News and Real People – Using Big Data to Understand Human Behaviour (FARE)
CPCA/A0/7429/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorDeep learning architectures: NLP, reinforcement learning and benchmarking environments
CPCA/A0/7438/2020INCD | StratusGenomics for phylogenetics and epidemiology of microbial pathogens
CPCA/A00/4376/2020HPC-UE | OblivionStructure and dynamics of mono and bilayers subjected to external agents
CPCA/A00/6057/2020MACC | BobAn Interface-Tracking Method to Simulate Viscoelastic Free-Surface Flows
CPCA/A00/7094/2020MACC | BobDesign and optimization of DNA nanostructures to deliver antimicrobial agents
CPCA/A00/7150/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorQuantifying the stability of constrained alpha helices
CPCA/A00/7167/2020MACC | BobSpin and charge dynamics of novel 2D materials
CPCA/A00/7188/2020INCD | CirrusHybrid modelling assessment flood discharge in Tua large dam
CPCA/A00/7246/2020MACC | BobGenetic variability on disease susceptibility: a genome-wide evaluation on gastric cancer and SARS-CoV-2 infected patients
CPCA/A00/7343/2020HPC-UE | OblivionIncommensurability effects in low-dimensional Quantum Materials
CPCA/A00/7421/2020HPC-UE | OblivionEffects of disorder in nodal loop semimetals
CPCA/A00/7439/2020HPC-UE | OblivionOld drugs with a new target
CPCA/A00/6782/2020MACC | BobPlenoptic imaging for skin lesion assessment
CPCA/A00/7140/2020INCD | CirrusApplication of QM/MM Methods in the Development of Biocatalysts
CPCA/A00/7145/2020INCD | CirrusApplication of Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the Study of Biomolecular Interactions for the Identification of New Drug Candidates
CPCA/A00/7312/2020INCD | CirrusInsights on the CFTR ion gating mechanism provided by computer simulations
CPCA/A00/7319/2020INCD | CirrusExploring the efflux and modulation mechanism of Human BCRP through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
CPCA/A00/7355/2020MACC | BobLarge Eddy Simulation of supercritical mixing layers relevant to liquid rocket propulsion
CPCA/A00/7358/2020MACC | BobDirect Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flows
CPCA/A00/7387/2020INCD | StratusOptimization of Distributed Machine Learning Jobs in Cloud Environments
CPCA/A00/7395/2020INCD | StratusExploring New Physics with Deep Learning in the era of Collider and Gravitational Wave experiments
CPCA/A00/7317/2020LCA-UC | NavigatorGeneration of Magnetic Field by Thermal Convection of a Fluid Layer
CPCA/A00/7437/2020MACC | BobStudy of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions in Protein Aggregation towards the development of Aggregation Inhibitors
Tabela 4: Lista dos 129 Projetos Aprovados na 1ª edição CPCA (2020/21)

1ª e 2ª edições do Concurso de Projetos de Computação Avançada – IA na Google Cloud

FCT/CPCA-IAC/2022/01 & FCT/CPCA-IAC/2023/01

Listagem dos 11 projetos aprovados na 1ª edição
Project Reference Platform Title
CPCA-IAC/AF/478821/2022GCPPrediction of Gene-Phenotype associations Using Graph Embedding Methods
CPCA-IAC/AF/478645/2022GCPSentiment and Rating Understanding of Portuguese Review for Restaurants using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
CPCA-IAC/AF/475871/2022GCPData science at SYSTEC: deep learning for navigation, geophysical mapping, and multivariate time series forecasting
CPCA-IAC/AV/478750/2022GCPEpistasis Detection on Heterogeneous AI-Enhanced Platforms
CPCA-IAC/AV/478394/2022GCPALBERTINA – Foundation Encoder Model for portuguese and AI
CPCA-IAC/AV/478395/2022GCPGPT-PT – Transformer-based Decoder for the Portuguese Language
CPCA-IAC/AV/475278/2022GCPAn Explainable and Interactive Distributed Machine Learning System
CPCA-IAC/AV/477942/2022GCPNeural Architecture Search for Chemometric Tasks
CPCA-IAC/AV/475089/2022GCPHypergeometric Functions and Machine Learning in the Diagnosis Process
CPCA-IAC/AV/478719/2022GCPfoldProtein: alphafold proteins for function determination and drug discovery
CPCA-IAC/AV/478816/2022GCPTRUST-DL – Trustworthy Deep Learning: Opening the black-box
Tabela 3: Lista dos 11 Projetos Aprovados na 1ª edição CPCA-IAC (2022/23)
Listagem dos 15 projetos aprovados na 2ª edição
Project Reference Platform Title
CPCA-IAC/AF/592080/2023GCPAI2Learn – Artificial Intelligence to Learning
CPCA-IAC/AF/594386/2023GCPTrans-Lighthouses – Citizen Science using GenerativeAI
CPCA-IAC/AF/594668/2023GCPAutomatic pre-cancer gastric lesions detection in upper endoscopy videos
CPCA-IAC/AF/594679/2023GCPIntertidal species identification: an automated approach
CPCA-IAC/AF/594904/2023GCPOne billion datasetoids to learn them all – Generating datasets for meta-learning
CPCA-IAC/AF/589140/2023GCPEnhancing Industrial and Environmental Modelling with Non-Local Operators in Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
CPCA-IAC/AV/594827/2023GCPNatural Language Processing based on Graph Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Information Extraction
CPCA-IAC/AV/594467/2023GCPSpeech recognition for the sound reconstructed using a bio-inspired geometric model 
CPCA-IAC/AV/594790/2023GCPTrustAI4Sci: Trustworthy AI for Scientific Applications
CPCA-IAC/AV/594693/2023GCPAstroLingua: Empowering Inclusive Astronomy through AI
CPCA-IAC/AV/594875/2023GCPA Trustworthy Large Language Model for Portuguese and English
CPCA-IAC/AV/594794/2023GCPPTicola – Increasing Computationally Language Resources for Portuguese
CPCA-IAC/AV/589164/2023GCPHydroEthiX – Integrating Constraints for Sustainable Management of Hydropower Plants: A Transparent and Ethical AI Approach
CPCA-IAC/AV/590897/2023GCPIMPROMPT  Image Alteration with Language Prompts
CPCA-IAC/AV/591374/2023GCPUnraveling Fatty Acyl-AMP Ligase substrates in Cyanobacteria through an Integrated Approach of Bioinformatics, Unsupervised Learning, and Natural Language Processing
Tabela 2: Lista dos 15 Projetos Aprovados na 2ª edição CPCA-IAC (2023/24)

Concurso AI 4 COVID-19: Ciência dos Dados e Inteligência Artificial na Administração Pública


Listagem dos 5 projetos aprovados com recursos computacionais (total = 12)
Project ReferencePlatformTitle
DSAIPA/AI/0083/2020Cirrus-A | INCDTHOR – Computer Assisted Thoracic Assessment using POCUS
DSAIPA/AI/0088/2020Navigator | LCA-UC & Stratus – Cloud| INCDPandIA – Management of Pandemic Social Isolation Based on City and Social Intelligence

Navigator | LCA-UCAn intelligent system to improve patients’ safety and remote surveillance in follow-up for cardiothoracic surgery
DSAIPA/AI/0111/2020Navigator | LCA-UCArtificial Intelligence and Data Science Supporting Tool for the Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis of the COVID-19 Disease
DSAIPA/DS/0118/2020Navigator | LCA-UCCutting-Edge Virus-Host Interactome Discovery: A Multi-Omics AI Driven Approach
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