National open calls

Advanced Computing Project Call (3rd edition) for allocation of RNCA computing resources for Research and Innovation opens applications for all types of access from October 25, 2022. The applications for the types A0 - Experimental Access and A1 - Preparatory Access or Development are open.

National calls closed


Advanced Computing Project Call: Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud
In the preferred areas of Natural Language Processing and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. Results available here.

Advanced Computing Projects Call (2nd edition)

According to Regulation 772-A/2020 of Advanced Computing Projects, RNCA's computing resources are intended for the research, technology and innovation/industry communities. Public and private institutions from any scientific area may request access. Results here

The Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. (FCT) under the UT Austin Portugal Programme has opened the Call 2021 for Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs). For more information here. Submissions: 19 May to 30 June 2021.

The 1st edition of the Advanced Computing Project Call for the allocation of Advanced Computing Resources for Research and Innovation was held in 2020:

Summary of results by operational centre

List of Projects approved on the FCT website

Complementary Information on Projects

The AI 4 COVID-19 call : Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration was held in 2020, which, in addition to the funding awarded also distributed RNCA computing resources.