Competence Centres

The Competence Centers guarantee to the user community, in a proximity logic, support functions for the effective and efficient application of advanced base resources, information visualization, training, counseling, and support for the development of programs and digital technologies.

Get to know the six centers, distributed throughout the country, and choose the one that best suits your research or innovation needs, always in a logic of proximity. To access this service, check the page of the competence center you want and make your appointment or clarify your doubts through the contacts provided.


Provides computing, storage, and visualization resources and services to users in the research and innovation communities. It also offers advanced training, hands-on courses, and hackathons.

Place: Braga



Supports projects with large-scale visualization needs and/or the need to view multiple graphical applications with different fonts and resolutions, through a Videowall that uses SAGE2 as a server.

Place: Aveiro



It allows classical scientific visualization in an integrated environment with the UAlg Data Center for calculation capacity.

Place: Faro



Connects UBI to national supercomputing structures, constituting an important tool for scientific production in various areas of knowledge. It also aims at strengthening the link between the scientific system and the industrial fabric.

Place: Covilhã



A meeting point for the scientific community associated with IST's High Performance Computing, it has a video wall for collaborative exploration of local and remote data and immersive VC equipment.

Place: Lisbon


Equipped with the physical and human infrastructure to guarantee first-rate access to Advanced Computing Centers and oriented to the academic community, industry, and society.

Place: Vila Real