Calls FCT: IC&DT23, PeX23 and others

Advanced computing platforms to be made available through Calls:


Features of the "Deucalion" advanced computing platform:

  • Operational from 2024
  • It is a EuroHPC system [1] installed in Portugal, with 65% of its capacity reserved for domestic use.
  • Fujitsu PRIMEHPC A64FX servers (ARM partition) and Atos Bull Sequana AMD EPYC servers (x86 partition) [Arm partition: 1,632 nodes with Fujitsu ARM A64FX processors and x86 partition: 500 nodes with AMD EPYC plus processors]
  • 33 nodes with NVidia Ampere GPUs [17 nodes with 4 NVIDIA Ampere A100 40GB cards and 16 nodes with 4 NVIDIA Ampere A100 80GB cards]
  • Storage with 430 TB High-speed NVMe partition and 10.6 PB high-speed based Parallel File System partition
  • 10 PFlop maximum processing capacity